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Tall Women want the cherry on top, too

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Elsa was supposed to be a knitted beanie, her namesake muse loves a beanie, however, an Australian beanie maker could not be found. That aside, you're probably wondering why Miss G & Me, a clothing label specialising in pants for tall women, design a hat when anywhere across the globe you can already buy a vast array of hats?

Nice hats. Cheap hats. Large hats. $$ Designer hats. See-through hats. Reversible hats. Wicker hats. Broad-rimmed hats. Hats for running and sports. Hats for sun protection. A search on the internet will result in a hat for any occasion you would like...

I searched high and low, but nowhere did I find a hat for taller, longer, and yes wider women's heads.

My head isn't particularly round, 59cm - sometimes I think it actually looks too small for my frame, but belonging to the 6'1 body it does, it is rounder than the one size fits all 57cm abundantly available; mostly, my head is longer - it is literally the same concept as pants that are not long enough for a tall woman, tops that are not long enough for a tall woman, or sleeves that are not long enough for a tall woman. And please, don't start me on one-size-fits-all all headbands...

Oh, and those tall women with curls or thick lush mains? nope, one size does not fit them all, either.

Too small in circumference, and yes it'll sit on top, but mostly adds extra height and easily flies off. Size up, and it's floppy and ill-fitting, and still too short in the rise of the crown - the bit that goes around your head.

So with careful design and patternmaking consideration, we introduce Elsa - a beautiful caramel-coloured slumped linen, fully lined and fused to vintage German cotton and exquisitely tailored in Tasmania, bucket hat for tall women - the Elsa will enable tall women to cast shade where necessary this summer, in three glorious circumferences!

Elsa features a 6cm brim length and tapered 9cm crown band for best fit, I'm wearing size 1 above.

Size 1 suitable for 59-61 cm

Size 2 suitable for 61-63cm

Size 3 suitable for 63-64 cm

But did I answer why a bucket hat?

Beyond the practicality of providing comfort and shade on sunny days, Elsa represents more than just a hat. 'Elsa' a symbol of self-acceptance and empowerment to wear on the path towards self-actualisation; essentially, tall women want beautiful fitting accessories for self-expression and individuality, too.

In a world full of generic options, Elsa is the cherry on top of inclusivity, reminding us that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and lengths.

Hello Elsa!