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Code of Conduct

We are all grown-ups, grown-ups who have experienced the stigma of standing out and not fitting in simply because of our height or size - the Miss G & Me forum is a safe place where we can all be to discuss beautiful clothes that fit, and some that don't - respectfully and objectively.

If it's not to your taste, budget or style, scroll on.

Miss G & Me adopts an inclusive and transparent operation - and will not tolerate any racism, sexism, exclusive conversations or targeted comments. They will be removed without warning or comment.

As of March 2024, Miss G & Me is headed by Penni and she operates this glorious label on her own and encourages you to have a good wander through the threads for your answer - it may well be in there, if not, be kind in your expectations of response times - an email will be returned much quicker.

Elsa Tall Women's Bucket hat for Large head - Miss G & Me back
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