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Wearing Miss G & Me - fit & size

You're here because you're wondering if you’re actually a size this or that - great question - we'd dare suggest, you are both depending on the garment and as you are in the best position to determine the fit you would like - ask yourself how do you want your clothes to fit and feel on your body?

About Miss G & Me clothing sizes – designed for tall women

 We have designed your tall women’s clothing to fit you in all the right places, and the feedback being received is that it's best to size down from the size you are used to with mainstream women’s clothing labels.

In essence, the pants of mainstream stores sit lower on you than Miss G & Me garments will, so it's possible you've been wearing an incorrect size all along.

here's why

Not only can our legs be longer, but our rise and torso are generally longer, too - the waistband of mainstream store clothes sits lower on your hips, or in the instance of shirts and dresses, higher on your waist than the body they were designed for, hence the need for extra circumference and a bigger size.

Gone are the days of having to size up to get that extra length or coverage! 

How To Measure

Bust  Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.

Waist Measure around the narrowest part of your torso.

Hip Stand with heels apart and measure around the fullest part of the hip and bottom area.

Please be sure to check the information provided for each garment.

Still can’t decide which size is best for you?

If after measuring yourself, feel free to call or email us - we can help determine the best fit for you, based on our measurements and what we wear.

0416 220 833 Mon-Fri 9-2pm only anytime, we respond M-F within 24 hours


If you’re still sitting on the fence after doing those things, we have our “Buy 1, try 2” offer. This is for the tall women among us who sit solidly on the fence between sizing and is only available for Australian customers. It’s to give you some additional confidence when trying our tall women’s clothing to get a sense of our sizing. So, if you prefer to get the right size in the first delivery and are happy to pay for the return postage for the second unwanted item please feel free to take us up on this offer.

Here’s how it works;

  1. Make your purchase

  2. Email with your order number, the name of the item and the two sizes you would like to try.

  3. We will include the two items in your package

  4. Once you receive the garments, fill in the returns form and put the unwanted item in the postage bag and post within 3 days following receiving your delivery

  5. Send us the Austpost tracking number via email


Read more about our other returns policies here

*Please do not wear makeup or move around pets while trying on our garments, any garments requiring cleaning will incur full cost recovery

Wearing Miss G & Me 

Each beautiful garment we create will have a garment ease 'badge’. Garment EASE is the distance between the finished garment and your body, we have four fit styles we refer to when designing each garment, each with its own ease measurement. These are a guide only; please be sure to check the information provided for each garment.