Social Sustainability Statement


At Miss G & Me, we are tired of fast fashion clothing that doesn't fit and the emotional hangover of the experience - our wardrobe is full of costly reminders.

Rather, we want to design and create beautiful clothes that fit, are healthy for the planet and know workers are being paid appropriately, receiving all their legal minimum entitlements and working in safe conditions.

There are three areas of accountability here: social, financial and environmental and the very name Miss G & Me is about now and the future; Miss G is currently 8 years old and excited about what we are contributing too.

If you contributed to our idea validation survey, you would have been asked about your fabric preference - we can reveal that over 85% of contributors never check the fabric type before purchasing and are ok with blended fabrics, and if sourced and created with care and consideration, they will play a significant role in our clothing future.

As we head into garment production making we are daily receiving samples of fabric that use the latest and oldest fabric technology - bamboo blended with cotton is really exciting, as is the idea of plastic recycled and used in dresses!

Currently, we are a small business with big long term dreams and will commence how we mean to continue: our fabrics will be sourced from reputable merchants, production facilities will pay award wages, packaging plastics will be minimal, preferably compostable, and our design will stand the test of time (some could say that's not a great business model TBH).

We'd love to hang an Ethical Clothing Australia tag to our garments, for now, that is cost prohibited to us. However, we are partnering with accredited local textile, clothing and footwear businesses who can hang the tag.

Rest assured, we are not using our small business label as an out for growth - this SSS is a living document, which we will be adding and refining to enable us to grow, especially if you engage with us now - ask us a sustainability question on the link below.




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