Imagine a range of contemporary yet timeless clothing, perfectly fitting your taller frame.


Imagine this clothing range saving your emotional energy and money while also preserving the environment via a slower clothes movement.


Clothes designed with more than just an extra inch here or there: rather designed sleeves and legs, fuller seats, darts in the right place and waistlines that flatter the taller silhoutte.

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Inside Miss G & Me

Clothing that fits the taller individual, beautifully

Welcome to Miss G & Me - I'm Penni, the 'Me' in Miss G & Me - the proud founder and designer of this label.

I stand at 184cm and you'll hear me sprout elle va bien dans sa peau a LOT, it's French for well in one's skin and it's something very important to me as a mother, wife and supporter of all those who do not fit the 'one size fits all' model.


We are far from average and understand the contribution well designed and made clothes provide an individuals wellbeing. 

Proudly, all of our garments, accessories and footwear are made in Australia: Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.


This is an exciting journey, one I am proud to lead - please make contact with your wish list and desires, this is an inclusive brand for the tall Australian wanting to wear beautiful clothes that fit.


Penni & Miss G

Clothing for taller women

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Tall women's jumper australia.jpg

Katrina wearing Robyn

the length is absolutely perfect, and the neckline...oh it's like you designed it for me

Large shoes for women Australia.jpg

Clare weraring Selena

I became distracted watching tv last night; I was struck by how awesome my feet felt - just had to wiggle my toes in the soft wool a bit

Tall women's pants Australia.jpg

Petrina wearing Betty

I think there’s some magic sewn into the Betty Joggers! A perfect fit, perfect length and waist height in a solid fabric