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 Who we proudly support 

Sotos Syndrome AustraIasia.

Starting a new business in today's world is such an honour - and I intend to commence how I mean to continue.

Every day I aspire to live my values and embed them into the creation of our beautiful clothes that fit, with diversity & inclusivity at the top of my list.

I have no doubt; we have all at one stage, or another experienced the heart-wrenching sensation of exclusion for no other reason than standing out in a crowd, ill-fitting clothes simply amplifying our exposure.

For me, it was the combination of wearing clothes that didn't fit while slouching over to hear my friends talk and attempting to hide my already awkward frame that makes up a lot of my younger memories.

Being a kid and owning your space in the world is hard enough as it is without adding 'hey Lurch/Daddy Long Legs/Amazon Lady, are the rest of your pants on holiday?' 


I firmly believe if you can do something positive for others, then do it and being well in one's skin is not just for the I know those feels of Australia - the taller adult lady.

So, it is with great pride that Miss G & Me has partnered with Sotos Syndrome Australasia to bring education and boost public awareness of Sotos Syndrome.

Sotos Syndrome is a genetic condition causing physical overgrowth during the first years of life. Children with Sotos Syndrome tend to grow quickly and are often taller and heavier than their peers.

The parents and carers of children living with Sotos Syndrome are just like you and me, wondering where to find beautiful, appropriate for the occasion, clothes that fit their children.


We've all experienced that dread and despair.

My pride continues; I want to introduce you to Mack: Mack lives in Hobart, is currently 183cm tall, 14 years old, wears a size 13 ladies shoe, has Sotos Syndrome and is super keen to be the junior model for the Miss G & Me label - her enthusiasm is as infectious as her desire to wear beautiful clothes that fit - the Grace Tee, Betty Joggers and Mia Wool Slide are her current fav.

Who we proudly support: About
Image of SOTO Syndrome branding
Tall womens clothing

elle va bien dans sa peau - well in one's skin - Mack totally embodies this statement!


For as long as the Grace bamboo tee 'elle va bien dans sa peau' tee is available, Miss G & Me will donate $5 from every purchase to Sotos Syndrome Australasia to help them continue their advocacy work, and given we will have over 10 delicious colours to choose from - our donations will be significant.

The Grace Bamboo tee will come in classic vanilla, Blue and Pompeii Red, and each quarter we will let the entire world know how much financial support we have managed to raise.

Welcome, Miss Mack, what a way to commence our mission to change the landscape of Australian tall clothing.

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