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The search for the ultimate tall black work pants: Advancing (TALL) Women

Updated: Mar 25

26,000 businesses were nominated across the country for the Telstra Best of Business awards, and Miss G & Me was on the list. To this day I have no idea who nominated me and my Australian-made tall women's clothing label, but I am beyond grateful - they obviously think I am aiding tall Australian women in their search for the ultimate tall black work pants as much as I do!

For a full back story on how I came to be doing such as venture, check out Chapter One - Diaries of a tall woman wanting (beautiful) pants that fit.

It's been a seven-month, 5 stage process so far; 3 written submissions, one video submission that required seven 3-minute videos, and two live Q&A sessions with judges from around the country wanting to hear personally how am I advancing women and building communities as my 'target market' conduct a search for the ultimate tall black work pant.

Today, we're at chapter 7: Advancing Women and Building Communities

Newspaper image of Miss G & Me's models

On the announcement of my finalist position, the local newspaper The Mercury contacted me, as they too wanted to know how in the search for the ultimate tall black work pants, was I advancing women and building communities.

What a perfect picture chosen to showcase Miss G & Me announcing our state finalist position in the #TelstraBestofBusiness2024 awards.

Dr G and Liza-Jane Sowden perfectly embody the essence of my tall women's clothing label; well in ones skin, and I will be eternally grateful to them both.

When the interview panel asked how I was advancing women and building communities, I spoke of the business operations systems in place that include a robust change management methodology, our sustainability statement, the financial reporting systems adopted, the chosen omnichannel distribution model in our marketing plan and the HR component of the label - we have some very impressive industry consultants working with us!

Business essentials, any panel would rightly expect to see.

But what really moved them was when I spoke about the tall women who have been denied clothes that fit, and more importantly, beautiful clothes that fit and allow us to express our individuality as we desire.

I spoke of 70-something Dianne who had never had beautiful pants to fit, till now her options have been men's pants for length or too-short women's.