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Tall Women's Blazer - it's our time

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

EDIT April 110/4/23

We have 65 glorious tall women on our list, EOI has now closed for the heavily discounted pricing listed below, and further opportunities will open up as the design progresses - be sure to be on our email list to hear the latest update. In essence, we've changed fabrics and it's now being tested and the new release date is Sept 23.

A Blazer for the tall Women; we've yearned for a blazer for a while now, frustrated with either looking like we've popped our little sister's jacket on by mistake, or we're wearing our grandfather's oversized monstrosity from the 80s and the sleeve still too short...

For the Miss G & Me label to have a beautiful single-breasted blazer created the cost is estimated to be approx 8G - and then they'll need to retail for approx Au$400 +gst, OR, or you can preorder and pay for yours in September and secure access to the first release for only Au$250+gst.

ETA - March 2023 - just in time for the change of season.

Here's the catch, I need 30 invoices sent and paid, to do so - as of August 15, we have 14 ladies ready and yearning - one in the UK, Germany, Sweden and the others here in Australia; one lady wants all three, she's amongst the 95% who are existing customers already on the list who know the quality and fit they'll receive!

Have a watch of the video - first take, no editing I am so excited for us all!! n.b in the video below I said 7G is the approx production cost, but have since done deeper costings.

Navy, Ink Black and Ivory Woven Bamboo - beautifully lined with Italian lining of the most sensational pattern - snake skin...oh.. it's super cute.

The project timeline

  1. August - Mood board - design sketch, fabric imagery

  2. August - Seek expression of interest via social media and email list

  3. Sept - Confirm fabrics

  4. Sept - Send invoices

  5. Sept - Commence pattern making

  6. Oct - Sample toile created

  7. Oct - Pattern alterations

  8. Nov - Lined sample garment created

  9. Nov - Photoshoot

  10. Dec - Second round presales offered (Au$330+gst)

  11. Jan - Grading of pattern

  12. Feb/March - Production of blazer

  13. March/April - Product launch