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International shopping for Tall Woman: 3 steps to reduce any fear

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Buyers remorse, you know it, I know - and would dare to suggest, it's not just tall women who experience it - it sucks to regret your purchase and wish you hadn't: size, colour, fit all wrong or not what the images online suggested -fyi, we alter zero images online.

But I'd dare say, being a tall woman wanting (beautiful) pants that fit, the issue is compounded - the extra research required to be sure of any 'tall friend' claims can discourage you from even beginning.

Then add the International size conversions aspect...phew, it's surprising I have any clothes at all...

Living here in Australia, and well before Miss G & Me arrived, our beautiful clothing for the tall options was scarce - I'd reduced my wardrobe down to three pairs of jeans - all skinnies, and two pairs of activewear leggings from an American tall-friendly store some 4 years ago: yes, replacing them is front of mind, but for now, our Jo Dress Leggings work a treat!

I know it's all about trust - trust that it'll fit and I'm not about to contribute further to the emotional hangovers in my wardrobe - Locally, over 60 customers of Miss G & Me have accepted the buy one, try two offer - if you're happy to cover the return postage of any unwanted items, place an order, and we'll send you a selection of sizes to try on - successfully, only 6 customers have returned both. All have returned for another garment.

But what about the tall international women who want a piece of our delicious garments and are unable to 'buy one, try two', how do you feel confident your beautifully tall proportioned, and excellent quality garments are going to fit you?

Beth in Germany has done it twice

I bought the Betty Joggers to wear on 3 long travel days while flying from Germany to the U.S., across the U.S. and back to Germany with my 3-year-old. Over those 3 days, I sat on a plane for a total of 30 hours in the pants and they were so incredibly comfortable. So comfortable in the fact that I barely even noticed they were there which is exactly what I want in a pair of travel pants. Penni suggested that I size down to an AU12 and I am glad that I did since I prefer a more fitted look. The length is superb for my 6'2 frame and I would describe these as "elevated joggers" since they are made from a high-quality, substantial ponte fabric and can be dressed up or down. Can't wait to figure out different ways to style these pants!

Steph from Canada and Carrie living in Idaho for now have ordered just the once, and we say for now because they are stoked with the garment and fit and plan to do it again.

I ordered a pair of Maddie Chillax Pants based on reviews I’d seen on Facebook and couldn’t be happier with them. Awesome service from the owner, who doubled checked on the sizing and they arrived quickly to Canada. The fit is fantastic - proportioned correctly, and relaxed feel without feeling bulky. They’ve quickly become my favourite after work attire. Thanks! Steph

I love them! Your fit suggestions were spot on and the length is fantastic. I also love how the fabric (of Alva Slim Leg) doesn’t stretch out after multiple wears. The rise was a little high on me and took some getting used to but after a few wears I am ok with it. I am thinking of ordering another pair in the blue. Carrie
Carol ordered the AU 12 Maddie Chillax Pant, exchanging them for a AU10 and says she typically wears a US8 or a 10, depending on the cut and the type of item.

Carol reports the exchanged pair of Maddie Panat fit beautifully - 'Just like Goldilocks - not too loose, not too tight - Just right!' and is looking forward to getting much wear from them on an upcoming trip to Canada, and intends to shop with us again from her home in the US.

So far, we've sent woollen jumpers, pants and cotton shirts to repeat customers in Germany - four times, Valda, Alva and Maddie to Canada & New Zealand twice, and various items to the US 6 times, but how did these customers gain confidence to purchase with us the first time, given a return would be costly and the wrong size a chance?

Well, we have 3 easy steps for a highly successful tall women's international shopping experience* - contact us, know your measurements, and use the garment specifications listed.

Beth, Carrie, Carol & Steph contacted us to discuss international size conversion and the Miss G & Me sizing method - and I encourage you to do the same! We discussed the pic online - we have four models of various body types, the listed garment specs and how each liked to wear clothes - a desire for fitted or loose makes a big difference, and even intended use - the Maddie Chillax Pant was not designed for corporate work wear but would make excellent zoom meeting down bottom attire.

Each customer felt informed to make a purchase - this trust is a wonderful asset.

Curiously, do you know your leg or arm inseam length well enough to have such a conversation with me? if not, feel free to download our measurement sheet to keep all your details handy - it's such an empowering tool!

Miss G & Me - personal measurement chart
Download PDF • 79KB

And for greater peace of mind, once you've purchased with us, you'll receive an email containing a google maps pic of your address to be certain it's entered correctly and will arrive in a timely manner - we can track the entire journey, but I wonder, does that make it four easy steps to reducing the fear of international shopping?

And those familiar with the 'old' LTS sizing - if you know that reference, you know, our sizing is very similar.

*we can't guarantee 100% strike rate, should the garment be utterly wrong in size, we will work with you to find a solution - a professional alteration cost credit, for example.

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