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And then he kissed me

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It's said you remember the time and place of significant things and events in your life - where were you when Princess Diana's death was announced, me? I was serving the Sunday Breakfast Buffet at the hotel where I was an apprentice chef.

Quite a few years later, it was morning and I was standing in the kitchen reading my emails when Long Tall Sally sent the email announcing they were closing.

I also distinctly remember the 'ring' sound that came from my phone alerts one Saturday morning as clear as the bell it was trying to represent - my children and I all looked at each other wondering what it was - we knew the ding-dong sound when a site visitor reached Miss G & Me web site, but this one was new - could it be...

I'd just posted a story of how my husband kissed me when he saw me in the first Maggie Wool Jumper sample, his smiling eye also telling me I was on to a winning design

Was it...? Could the post and the sound be connected?

I'd tested the site previously with a mock sale and no sound emerged but what if it was...


Fast forward two years later and we've clocked up a healthy 419 sales from a mere 24 garments to 185 customers - many who are repeat lovers of the label.

I can hardly believe it - thank you.

Thank you to all who purchased with blind faith something would finally fit them, thank you to those who contacted me to ask about the designs and followed through with a purchase, thank you to all who replied to my feedback or feedforward sessions, thank you to those who shared a page/post/link/product review, thank you to who the few who sent cranky emails in the middle of the night, thank you to my husband for putting up with me, thank you to my children who continue to encourage me, thank you to all the consultants who support me with their epic skills and knowledge - William, Linda, Deb, Dave and Nat are still here three years later and thank you Monique for being the first 'ring' - the memory of the sound still sends my heart into a flutter.

I've had so many challenges, and almost as many wins - the label has moved pattern makers twice and three manufacturers: to start anything during COVID and the continual lockdowns Melbourne faced was crazy, let alone enter an industry with ZERO experience from an island I couldn't leave... I'm either exceptionally strategic or mildly arrogant...I'll let you decide.

What was the garment that had my husband impromptually kiss me for, the one that Monique then ordered - which I didn't actually have in stock, I didn't expect anyone would actually read my post let alone pre-order...?

Maggie, the perpetual crowd favourite.

The duck teal 'Maggie' jumper is so exceptional in quality, colour, and perfect fit for my tall frame, that it exceeds anything in my wardrobe. Absolute heaven!

Janelle - Bendigo, Victoria

Two years later, I still adore both Maggie & Robyn - there was some worry the sleeves would be too long, I have arms that could tickle a low flying bird, yet none have been returned because of arm length is too long - and proudly we've had one request to custom order a Robyn with a little extra sleeve length, our manufacturer only too happy to do so, that is the Australian Made way.

I will be inseparable from this jumper this Autumn/winter/spring. Perfect fit, delightfully long sleeves that hit right where they should and I love the tunic length. Wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars!

Mel - Tasmania

Patricia in Washington USA has a Saxe Blue Maggie on its way to her and Queensland has more Saxe Blue Maggies & Robyn's residing there than any other state - Victorians preferring Black.

I'm so in love with what's being created, giving my brain a break hardly happens - those pants won't design themselves - so please continue to offer your feedback, it's all welcomed and appreciated.


Miss G and Me is the only Australian-made tall women’s clothing label, which reflects a passion for beautiful and sustainable fashion that fits tall women and lasts beyond a few washes. This article was written by the founder + designer, 6'1 Penni Lamprey who has a passionate focus on 'well' and 'being' and how clothes that fit positively contribute to an individual's self-esteem - the heart of the label's values.

elle va bein dans sa peau

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