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Do we stock the best tall women’s pants in Australia?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

What makes us think our 'Monique' are the best tall women’s pants in Australia?

'The quality is beautiful', writes 6'1 Stacey in her Mamamia article best tall pants for tall girls - She was talking about our almost infamous tall women's pants, the Monique Straight Leg, and I kinda agree; Miss G & Me topped her list, and of no surprise to us, we were the only Australian Made tall women's pants listed, because, well, we are the only Australian Made Tall Women's Clothing label.

For a full back story of how I arrived here designing beautiful clothes for the tall, check out Where to begin: diary of a tall women wanting (beautiful) pants that fit

For now though, welcome to this chapter of Diary of a Tall Women Wanting (Beautiful) Pants That Fit.

Chapter 8 - Mamamia said.

If you're looking for tall women's pants, tag, we're it - and we have some coloured ones, too.

Thinking I'd like a list made a little closer to home, here are my top 6 days of wearing the best tall women's pants available in Australia - day 7, and every night is always Maddie Chillax... if you have a pair, you'll understand...

Stacey kicked her list off with Monique on top and suggested you size down from mainstream stores, we agree - here's why, and we'll follow suit with Monique on top of our list, too.

Monique - the best tall women's long black pants in Australia

As a tall woman, we need longer not wider pants and Monique Straight Leg delivers - 37 inches inside seam length, created in the same fabric as Alva, and must-have BELT LOOPS..!

This excites me greatly as my hips are one size (14 in Miss G & Me clothes) and my waist another, (12 in Miss G & Me clothes) and there's no back gapping #iykyk

6'1 Penni, wearing tall women's pants - Monique in three ways

These really are the best pants ever

6' Lisa, Vic

Una - Fancy pancy pants, but equally trainer and bomber jacket applicable.

Before COVID I had a day job and needed pants, which I couldn't find, nowadays working for myself I can dress as informally as I like every day in whatever I choose, and when I do want to be best in class, with a stunning 37 Inch inside leg length, Una Italian Wool Pants are my tall women's pant of choice. Una has taken me through all seasons, to front seats at the basketball, eulogy presentation at my father's funeral, the launching cocktail party for the Tasmanian fashion festival and boss lady apparel when I had to be present at a police interview (not me being interviewed, I am an excellent citizen)

6'1 Penni, wearing tall women's pants - Una in three ways
The fabric is so beautiful - smooth and sleek with a lovely drape and a subtle self-stripe

183cm Monique, Q'Land

Alva - French chic, or high-street designer

Slight high waist, slim leg, tapered to the ankle, stretch fabric - Alva was the first design to steal the hearts of tall Australian women, and now comes in French Connection Blue, Forrest Green (my fav, tbh) and Merlot - cheers!

Every day versatile is how I'd describe 'Alva' - heels, trainers, ankle boots or sandals, the only thing missing are belt loops, so we circle back to why Monique is at the top of the list - I like to tuck and create a slim line look to help reduce my visual width - I'm not a fan of looking wider than I am in clothes that I've been forced into to gain a few cm length and now cinch everything in, even when I don't have too..

Alva Slim Leg is the 'shortest' of our pants, but still deliciously long and designed to sit above the ankle on a 33-35 inch inside leg length as a relaxed fit - not skin tight. I wear mine quite tight, though and have had the hem extended.

Kathy from NSW was window shopping and was asked who the designer was, Saba her enquirer offered as she also asked to touch the delicious forest green fabric.

6'1 Penni, wearing tall women's pants - Alva in three ways

These pants are the perfect length for me at 183cm

Jeanette, Vic

Maddie - if your yoga teacher, Betty joggers and Jo leggings had a baby together vibe.

Anna from SA agrees with the online description of Maddie Chillax Pant so much so, that she has two pairs, as do Kris in SA, Cathy in WA, Mel in Tas and Julie-Ann in Q'land. And me, shh I have three... it gets really cold in Tasmania and I have been known to wear them to bed..

These babies are like no pants I've ever worn before, Mel made a comment about the pockets, yep, designed for longer arms and I struggle to take my hands out of them. The cotton is still so thick and soft after a year of wearing and showing no signs of age - how amazing is that for a pair of pants that are worn almost daily and washed so often?

They are also designed to sit on top of the foot, and many find they like to size down to be a closer fit, how you like to chillax is 100% personal, and your body shape will play a role in best size - my size 14 hips and buttock (say it like Forrest Gump would, buttock..) easily take up the fabric and my size 12 waist enjoys the no dig nature of the wide waistband -and there's not silly toggle at the waist to deal with.

6'1 Penni, wearing tall women's pants - Maddie in three ways

I literally live in them, Penni

Kris, S.A

'Hot Dogs Leg's' Stacey said she'd been called; those legs need a casing...Hello Jo....

Jo Dressing Leggings...oh my, once before in my 36 inch inside leg length life I had leggings that went to my ankles, they were active wear construction but I've never ever had a pair to pop on and go about my day in wearing ballet flats, sandals, trainers, under boots or a dress to help extande the summer season - and now I have three colours to choose from, Olive being my fav!

A beautiful thick ponte fabric that does not fade or become sagging with wear, even after 4 days - I tested every garment thoroughly!

Two customers who stand at 6'3 wished they were a bit longer, so maybe one day soon we'll have two lengths available.

6'1 Penni, wearing tall women's pants - Jo Leggings in three ways

I'm loving having tights that actually fit for once in my life

Jodie, Q'Land

Vona - my Sunday Sports Mum Uniform of choice

There was a time in the early years of motherhood, regardless of whether they were long enough or not when I'd never dare wear light grey pants; hello sticky fingers, split coffee and random squirts of tom sauce from a random sos roll - but it's all game on for me nowadays!

The Vona Straight Leg Joggers are my Sunday sports mum uniform of choice; winter in Hobart can be harsh and with the obligatory puffer coat (Tassie Tuxedo..) sleeves that are never long enough and not really wanting to look like everyone else, I may as well glam it up with some colouring blocking - a grey Ellsie Turtle neck being the most perfect companion to these long legs loving daks, and a white Jen Long Sleeve on the coldest of cold days.

6'1 Penni, wearing tall women's pants - Vona in three ways

I love the way the pockets on this styles of pants are not on the seam..

Carol from NSW

Day 7

I really am hard-pressed to take off my Maddie pants, but when I do, am reminded how fortunate I am now to have such a choice available to me - and further remind myself there's also Jil Split Hem and Betty Jogger - both are low in stock as they are being discontinued, the fabric is sadly no longer available to us - Vona is also being discontinued in the current form, but we were able to restock earlier in 2023 so supplies are good for now (August 23).

Stacey finished up her article by noting there are pants out there in the world suitable for tall women - a good 10 days of choices at Miss G & Me - is it too late to mention to her the skirts and dresses available for tall women in our collection...?

Miss G and Me is the only Australian-made tall women’s clothing label, which reflects a passion for beautiful and sustainable fashion that fits tall women and lasts beyond a few washes. This article was written by the founder + designer, 6'1 Penni Lamprey who has a passionate focus on 'well' and 'being' and how clothes that fit positively contribute to an individual's self-esteem - the heart of the label's values.

elle va bein dans sa peau - well in ones skin x

Founder + Designer Miss G & Me Penni Lamprey

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