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Where to begin: diary of a tall women wanting (beautiful) pants that fit

Updated: Jun 23

Flip. I did it. Or I'm doing it, not sure, tbh...

When COVID arrived and brought trading restrictions and WFH in early 2020, my consultancy Healthy Happy Staff closed - I'd spent 4 years building it and was heading into my best trading year, I had some great clients and was delivering really beautiful workplace health and wellbeing sessions and workshops, but try as I might for 12 months to keep it running, there were not a lot of opportunities to deliver live workshops to workplaces, and an online cookery class doesn't have the same vibe in a global pandemic.

Hill Top Hoods summed it up perfectly '2020 is nothing but an unshaved ball bag'.

I was devasted - I couldn't get a gig delivering my wellbeing strategies to help others navigate these 'unprecedented times' or find a way to live in the 'new normal'.

At this time, the University of Tasmania was offering up scholarships to upskill affected Tasmanians to pivot/retrain/seek employment, I applied, was accepted and fully intended to do the four units in one semester and then get a 'real' job - this entrepreneur was running out of puff and had homeschooling to do.

All the while, the world's largest clothing store for tall women announced it was closing, also pointing the finger at COVID - tbh, I'd found the quality of their garments had deteriorated the previous few years and I had actually purchased bugger all - I had three pairs of jeans, a few dresses and some activewear available to me.

My husband, Craig, walked through the door one night and Miss G announced to him we were starting a clothing label. Never one to say no to each other, but rather knowing we explore an idea and make a decision to progress or not, based on research and what's important to our family, he raised his shoulders in a 'why not' shrug.

Craig has always espoused using a tailor or seamstress to make garments to fit my 6'1 with exceptionally long-legged frame, tbh, I never valued myself enough to do so, but creating a clothing company for others seemed a better option - allowing me to disassociate from my perception and satisfy my ego at the same time.

We chose the name Miss G & Me to represent the now (me) and the future (our 10 yr old long-legged daughter, Grace).

Then, I went in feet first. Deferring some units and progressing some, I commenced Miss G & Me in August 2020 and at the conclusion of semester one in 2022, received notice I have passed my post-grad scholarship - even accounting !!!

Ladies and gentlemen, anything is possible. And don't let anyone tell you it's a bad idea.

Our beautiful Master middle child, Ryan said to me recently 'these clothes are as important to others' wellbeing as your cooking classes ever were, mum'. At 11 years of age, he's already seen what they can do to an individual's self-esteem, and consider them as important as hydration.

Over the last two years, I have cried and fretted more than I care to acknowledge, my short-term memory seems lost to the constant frazzled state of being me at this point in time - but I also apply what I know about health, wellbeing, mindfulness and nutrition, and aimed to approach each day with the acceptance of ups and downs, and a tad of dogmatism: I completely feel this is the right way to spend my days - I also know, from my recent studies, the ROA's, GP and RoE, amongst other things of Miss G & Me, need attention.. the labels liquidity ratio isn't great, either.

And I also know that by adopting Prosci ADKAR change management methodology in conjunction with the Transtheoretical model of change to my marketing approach (I was particularly pleased with this approach, and I think my instructor was too), the organisation will be positioned to install a values-based strategy, inherently incorporate the adoption of sustainable development goal (SDG) # 12 from the onset and realise all identified business objectives, particularly no 1: produce an above-average profit.

All while, finally, being beautifully dressed and positively contributing to the lives of others - it's the journey, not the destination.

Ok, brag session over...welcome to the Miss G & Me 'blog', where I'm going to share and explore with you some of my wellbeing and coaching ideas from the perspective of a taller Australian woman looking for beautiful clothes that fit while smashing societal norms - husband do not have to be taller than their wives, for example.

The unconscious behaviour that propels our day undoubtedly affects all we do - I wonder how much time we spend weighing up should we cover our peaches or ankles when we sit, will the jacket restrict my driving ability or why can't there be lush shoes in extended sizes, time that could be better spent doing something constructive.

We'll explore it all here. Social norms, representation, the ego, unconscious behaviours, cognitive distortions, assumptions and generalisations (can't you let the hem down) to hopefully, contribute positively to your world - I'm a firm believer that awareness brings opportunity.

Here's to a beautifully dressed future!

Miss G and Me is the only Australian-made tall women’s fashion label, which reflects a passion for beautiful and sustainable fashion that fits and lasts. See the range online at

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