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Four Funerals and a Job Interview

Updated: Mar 13

Welcome to this chapter of Diary of a Tall Women Wanting (Beautiful) Pants That Fit.

In this blog, as someone who is 6'1, with a background in health & wellbeing and a lifetime yearning for beautiful clothes to fit me, we'll explore many of the important issues that tall women face when it comes to fashion, from social norms and representation, the ego, cognitive distortions, and any unconscious behaviours you might have developed due to your height.

For a full back story of how I arrived here designing beautiful clothes for the tall, check out Where to begin: diary of a tall women wanting (beautiful) pants that fit

Chapter 6 - Four Funerals and a Job Interview

To date, at Miss G HQ we've received three SOS emails 'I have a funeral to go to, can you express post me....', two 'help, I have a job interview next week' or 'I'm heading to an interstate conference..' and we've lost count of the - 'I'm going to Europe/Japan/Norway/UK next week, can I have some Maddie Chillax sent, pls...

And in a surprising twist, just as many 'thanks for my order, it'll be sensational for *insert event/season*' have been received - just today, there was a call asking about potential stock levels in Oct and when the 'Penni' blazer would be ready.

Just in time or just in case?

Sadly, my dad passed away in May of 2023 - the fourth funeral I write about. And thankfully, what I was going to wear to his service and present his eulogy in, wasn't one of my concerns - I knew I had beautiful pants available to me.

However, did I have appropriate shoes that fit my size 11/12 hoofs did cross my mind several times... What a waste of emotional energy, that was.

This clothing liberation reduced what was an incredibly emotional time for me and allowed me to step into the new role as a team member of a club I didn't want to be in. As I stood before those who had gathered to celebrate my dad, sharing my love and memories of him, I remember briefly mentally stepping out of what I was sharing to acknowledge to myself that I was standing tall and confident in the open: not awkwardly hiding behind a lectern or fidgeting in my clothes.

He would have been proud of the pride I had for myself.

Prior to 2020, my wardrobe consisted of very little, active wear mainly and would have me freaking out when any invitation arrived - actually, as I sat to write this article, I recall what I was wearing to my brother's funeral service - by default of my long legs, it was cropped pants that needed the tall lady adjustment when sitting or standing... but as the Miss G & Me range grows and the idea of exploration to dress freely for the first time ever occurs, I am able to leave the just in time freak out mindset behind, as I intentionally become a curator of 'just in case' clothing.

With my desired dressing style in mind, I can now clearly see the 'holes' in my collection - bags, shoes, and jewelery in particular. And I am actually spending less than ever before.

Just-in-time and just-in-case are on opposite ends of the inventory philosophy spectrum: one aims for lean operations, while the other considers purchasing to be prepared a priority, and often used in industries such as manufacturing and distribution, or a business providing tangible products - such as a tall women's clothing label.

The purpose of sharing the just in time / just in case philosophy with you is more about choice - you can choose either mindset, or both if you're so inclined: it's the availability of choice that is the powerful actress here.

Do you operate in just in time or just in case? Is either/or a conscious choice for you?

Any guess on how Fiona may operate?

Unsure? Do you have a pair of Una Italian Wool, Jo Dress Leggings or Jil Split Hem Pants in your collection that you've not worn, yet? Just In Case. These glories are our most frequent SOS parcels to go out via express post to beautifully attire tall women at the event de jour. Just In Time.

And yes, we will send express post to you - send an email to arrange

Miss G and Me is the only Australian-made tall women’s clothing label, which reflects a passion for beautiful and sustainable fashion that fits tall women and lasts beyond a few washes. This article was written by the founder + designer, 6'1 Penni Lamprey who has a passionate focus on 'well' and 'being' and how clothes that fit positively contribute to an individual's self-esteem - the heart of the label's values.

elle va bein dans sa peau - well in ones skin x

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