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The Innovation Behind Our Tall Women's Clothing: Penni-Louise Suiting

True style and beauty go beyond aesthetics. It transcends into the very fabric of our being. As the founder + designer of the only Australian-made Tall Women's Clothing label, I want to share the incredible journey and the significance of our iconic statement piece: the Penni Single Breasted Blazer and Louise Loose Leg Trouser set.

Tall Woman wearing blazer and pants

Penni-Louise is the full expression of my name. At the time, I thought it fitting to name our first tall women's blazer and trouser set after myself. My ego has yet to catch up ... and I still find it mildly embarrassing. But I also feel a strong sense of pride in what the Penni-Louise set represents. This is the result of my mission to create a stunning, smart suit that's not just beautiful to look at, but beautiful to wear.

Like all our garments it's made with quality and exceptional craftsmanship. But what's unique about this set is the innovation behind it. Polyester really can be fantastic... especially when it comes to sustainable fashion.

The Fabric: Innovation Meets Sustainability

The Penni Blazer and Louise Trouser set is the first of its kind for tall women. The fabric is beautiful, smooth and luxurious... and it's made from recycled single-use bottles. Yes, you read that correctly - bottles. This innovative process transforms waste into a wool-like fabric, perfect for crafting a beautifully tailored suit for tall women that is pile-resistant and long-wearing. We are the only known importer of this fabric into Australia.

The deep melange black fabric is sourced from Japan, a country known for its cutting-edge textile technology and sustainability standards. We chose this special fabric because it provides a luxurious feel while promoting eco-friendly practices. The result is a durable, stylish, and sustainable fabric that meets the highest standards of quality.

Drawing of tall Women's blazer design

Craftsmanship and Detail: The 'Penni' Blazer

Creating the Penni Blazer involved an extraordinary level of detail and precision. Our Australian, and incredibly talented, patternmaker has meticulously crafted the 113 pieces required in the graded size 8-20 blazer set, all by hand.

Picture of the pattern set for Tall women's Blazer

Remarkably, only two samples were required before we headed into production - such are the skills of the team who helped bring these garments to life!

This dedication ensures each blazer offers a beautiful fit and impeccable tailoring. For a full back story on how the Penni Blazer came to life, including my attempt at 'crowdfunding' read this blog - It's our time.