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Creating the best quality pants for tall women in Australia

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

A post about my mission to design and create the best pair of pants for tall women in Australia. In a world dominated by fast fashion, where clothing is churned out at breakneck speed, and bespoke tailoring, yet despite our height, seems out of reach, we believe there's a compelling argument for prioritising quality craftsmanship when designing and creating our tall women's clothing lines.

At Miss G & Me, we're more than just a clothing label; we're a passionate advocate for ethical fashion and sustainability. We've always been tired of the fast fashion industry's pitfalls – ill-fitting clothes, environmental damage, and the emotional hangover of regrettable purchases that were never going to fit that clutter our wardrobes, but there was never an alternative.

Till now.

Our Three Pillars of Accountability: Social, Financial, and Environmental: Our mission is clear: to radically change the landscape of tall women's clothing, AND we want to design and create beautiful clothes that not only fit you as a tall woman but are also kind to the planet.

To operate sustainably, we maintain a steadfast focus on three key areas of accountability: social, financial, and environmental, with our brand name, Miss G & Me, signifying a commitment to the present and the future. Miss G is currently 11 years old and the future of the label, and presently working beside me in creating the garment swing tags you find on each garment.

The question that guides us is: How can we, as a label, deliver on these declarations* while still meeting our business objectives?

Quality Assurance at Miss G & Me

Our dedication to sustainability goes hand in hand with our emphasis on quality. In this post, we'll shed light on some of the ways we put quality first in our clothing line, ensuring that our tall and confident customers get the best possible fit and style, while kind to the environment.

Small Business, Big Dreams:

  • Wear Testing: Our commitment to quality begins long before our garments hit the shelves. Take, for instance, the 'Penni' Blazer. Before production, it endured weeks of rigorous wear testing to assess whether its lining, arm, and shoulder movements were great - many a tall women's nemesis. Any necessary adjustments were made to ensure comfort and style.

  • Exquisite Detailing: The devil is in the details, and at Miss G & Me, we pay meticulous attention to those details. Our pieces like 'Alva' and 'Monique' feature binding on exposed seams, not just for aesthetics but also for your comfort - you will want to be an outfit repeater and wear these beauties often.

  • Choice of Fibers: If you contributed to our idea validation survey in 2020, you'd know that we're dedicated to understanding your fabric preferences. Over 85% of our contributors expressed a willingness to embrace blended fabrics, provided they are sourced and created with care and consideration. We believe that both natural fibers and blended fabrics will play significant roles in our clothing future, offering contemporary and classical styling that withstands the test of time. We strive to use natural fibers whenever possible. Pieces like 'Ida' and 'Marilyn' are crafted from exquisite Italian cotton, while the 'Katey' maxi skirt embraces the softness of spun Rayon. 'Jen' and 'Maddie both use OEKO-TEX® standard Supplex® cotton.

  • Best Practice Stitching: Quality stitching is at the heart of durable clothing. Our 'Jo' Leggings, for instance, employ five-thread stitching on the seams, going above and beyond the industry standard of three threads.

  • Advanced Technology Fabric: We're not just about tradition; we embrace innovation too. The 'Maddie' Chillax pant features recycled REGEN ® nylon, and our 'Louise' Loose Leg pant uses fabric sourced from single-use bottles destined for landfill, aligning with our sustainability goals; we may well be one of the first in the world to use such innovative fabric for tall women's clothing.

  • Addressing Shrinkage: We understand the concerns about fabric shrinkage - no flood water after a wash pants here, pls! Industry tolerance levels range from 2% to 10%. To combat this issue, we actively play a role in reducing garments that don't fit you after washing. We measure how much a garment changes in a wash and alter the pattern accordingly, and will provide you with information about expected shrinkage when following our care instructions. If a fabric doesn't meet our standards, like the upcoming 'Kim' Wide Leg Pant, we won't compromise quality - we have tested 3 types of fabric so far, and none have satisfied our brief.

  • Working Towards Accreditation: While we aspire to hang an Ethical Clothing Australia tag or an Australian-made logo on our garments, cost constraints currently prohibit us. However, we're forging partnerships with accredited local textile, clothing, and footwear businesses that hold these important certifications. Our Tasmanian knitwear manufacturer maintains ISO 9001-2015 Certification to guarantee quality assurance.

  • 98% Plastic-free Packaging: From the conversations we've had with you, our packaging is already 98% plastic-free, and our postage bags for all Australian purchases are home-compostable, our garment bags are vegetable matter, and compostable. We're taking steps every day to reduce our environmental footprint and provide you with clothing that aligns with your values.

The True Cost of Quality: Recently, someone shared their belief and frustration about having to pay more for tall clothing. However, it's important to clarify that it's not merely the cost of extra fabric that you're paying for at Miss G & Me. It's the high standards of quality, the fact that our products are proudly Australian-made, and the unwavering attention to detail.

There are a lot of reasons why fast fashion became so popular, and a lot of reasons why bespoke tailoring became out of reach for many, a convincing argument could be made for each camp.

Moreover, we're committed to ensuring that the talented workers who bring our designs to life are paid fairly, receive all their legal minimum entitlements, and work in safe conditions.

Our skilled machinists, led by Maria and her Victorian team, choose the best methods, not necessarily the quickest ones, to create our garments. Every piece in our collection has been tried, tested, and loved by our team members, including myself, and still passionately wear garments that were released 2 1/2 years ago - 'Betty', 'Maggie', and '