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Representation matters: varicose veins and tall women's clothes

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

So many emotions occur when a photoshoot is held.

This snap was 5 minutes after I burst into tears.

Are you crying because you're happy or sad, asked my trusted photoshoot day friend, Katey?

Both, my snot filled reply. Photographer Dave simply held the space and waited for me to recover.

There was also anger that at 48 yrs of age, only now am I experiencing a closet of clothes that fit me and are my style.

Why didn't I do this years, decades ago?!

And there's happiness that it will change and positively contribute to the lives of so many like me, but to do that, the vulnerability of putting my middle aged body on the world stage is enormously felt.

Daily. Hourly at peak times 🤔🤣

I'm comfortable in my skin these days, but does the world need to see my middle aged spread?

Will that help sell these garments? Nikita doesn't seem to think so...

I don't look like mainstream models, my arms are weirdly long, my belly has enjoyed many, many Riesling and my left calf is wider than the right from three babies causing varicose veins, but also know that representation is ever so important.

So yes, it's me you get to see.

And teenager Miss Mack. And 30 something Jen. And not as old as me LJ. And Gesine, our Doctor of Medicine: these ladies, the presentation of the label changed forever when we met; ageless representation.

Yes, we all wear garments from the lower end of the labels size range and yes we are all taller than 6', but that's where our similarities end.

Dr G is taller than me, but my legs are longer, hers are in much better nick, too. LJ, Dr G and myself wear a size 11/12 shoe, Jen has size 7 feet - how does she not fall over is often asked?? LJ has a long torso, whereas I am literally boobs on legs with my waist up near where most peoples nipples sit...

I am yet to see them modelled by someone of a more ‘regular’ size, to understand the look on people who are not super tall and slim - a social media observer

It's a fair call about size representation, and one I take seriously - other than sharing 70 something 6'2 Dianne wearing a size 18 Jo Legging and Jen Long Sleeve top, I am yet to fulfil diversity desires. We have made contact with a diverse range of tall online 'influencers', either there has been no reply, or the fees are not within our budget.

Finding a willing model in a size greater than 16 is as rare as pants that fit tall women was prior to launching Miss G & Me. There's nothing regular about any of us, but when we find her, you'll know.

Miss G & Me is a relatively new self-funded Australian tall women’s clothing label, we are continually adding to our range which has been dependent on receiving fantastic feedback, and always welcome more!

If you'd like to invest in pattern development and sampling, please make contact - our pattern maker is an industry expert who works with some of Australia leading labels, including 'plus size' - we truly are blessed to have her, and we welcome the conversation - do we need a Tall Women's belly range, a backside range, a bigger booby range?

We ask you to be respectful and objective in your feedback which you can email to - and for what it's worth, in 2017 being frustrated at not seeing women over 6' in height represented in their catalogues, I approached a large international tall women's clothing offering myself as a model; I know how it feels to not see yourself represented.

One size does not fit all, and you're further invited to explore our Buy 1, Try 2 offer to explore what garments will best suit you and your taller silhouette.

Miss G and Me is the only Australian-made tall women’s clothing label, which reflects a passion for beautiful and sustainable fashion that fits tall women and lasts beyond a few washes. This article was written by the founder + designer, 6'1 Penni Lamprey who has a passionate focus on 'well' and 'being' and how clothes that fit positively contribute to an individual's self-esteem - the heart of the label's values.

elle va bein dans sa peau

P.S Nikita was wrong, little thought to her email was given 🤣🤣

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